Exploring the story and magic of thought

What do you think Fortitude represents?

  • Words cost 50p. If you just had £2, which 4 words in the story would you buy and why? ( they cannot all be, ‘I can’t do this’). The children should agree this in groups and then discuss with other children the words they have chosen and why.
  • Ask children to offer their own bubble (idea or thought as in the book ‘I can’t do this’) – take all the children’s bubbles and share them. Get the children to create a picture that incorporates all the ideas and thoughts of the class.
  • Use the ideas to create their own list poem, ‘In my (class) bubble bucket, there would be…. ‘
  • Create a group washing line of bubbles (thoughts).
  • Write an advertisement to sell Fortitude as a friend – why would Fortitude be a good friend to have? (Encourages children to think about his good points and the benefits of owning a Fortitude!)