I absolutely recommend this beautifully written and illustrated book by Katie Walton. Her passion for the power of the growth mindset shines through every page of the story about Fortitude, who gets the better of his negative mindset with the simple word ‘yet’. Katie’s website gives welcome suggestions for how to use the book with children, whether in a school or home setting. The growth mindset is the single most important ingredient in successful learning, so this story, and its message, is a vital and accessible vehicle for helping children develop their own growth mindsets.

Teaching Assistant
This is a fantastic book! Original and inspiring.Brilliantly written and beautifully illustrated.Every page is a delight! A lovely book to share that will appeal to both children and adults alike. ‘I can’t do this…’ deserves to be on the bookshelves of all schools and homes that believe in positive thinking. I do hope there will be more in the series as we all need a little ‘Fortitude’

As a primary school teacher, I have always said to my children “it doesn’t matter if you don’t ‘get it’ today or this week, one day it will click and making mistakes until you do is just part of how you get there.” It creates a reassuring, supportive environment.This lovely book puts into pictures and characters what I am trying to say to the kids in my class. It has worked really well with my own children too who say “yet!” when they have a “I can’t do this!” moment! It’s a great mantra and a smashing little book.

N. Misty
A fantastic book that does just the job of introducing the concept of MINDSET to children across the whole primary range…. Through just one assembly using this book and some youtube clips which were recommended by the author all the children in our school, from 5 to11 are using the word ‘yet’. Fab!

What a wonderful book to inspire my class.

Well written and enjoyable story. My Year 4 class will appreciate the message of this book.

Sue Penglase

As a Headteacher I used this book as an introduction to Growth Mindset, which we will be developing in our school this year. Everyone loved the book and we were able to have a very lively, enthusiastic, productive, professional and developmental conversation as a result. We can’t wait to use it as a teaching resource with the children along with the ideas Katie has produced on her website.
We are at the start of our journey but I am sure it will be one of eager anticipation thanks in no small way to the inspiration of this book.
7 year old boy loved this. he has a good radar for books that are intended to do him good and once he clocks it he will refuse to read it but he was tickled with his and keen to re-read it and asked if there were more books with bannoffee bee in them. He really loves the bees in this book. He can be reluctant to do things if he isn’t good at them and gets frustrated quickly so this book has given us all a handy catchphrase for the “I can’t do this” moments.
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I am a teacher and this book is brilliant! Highly recommended!
Really great story. The message even got through to my stubborn 8 year old son.
FANTASTIC. A brilliant way to introduce growth mindset to children and adults alike. I found it inspiring and thought provoking and have introduced it to all my colleagues. A must have for teachers and parents!
Using with a P5 class – they love it!
As an NQT, I began my first year by introducing this book to my class. It has become a firm favourite. The children often choose it when reading independently and it’s message has become part of our classroom.
Amazing book! I used this to introduce growth mindset with the children in my school and also in a workshop for parents. It has greatly enhanced the children language of learning and promoted their confidence with making mistakes and being challenged. I would thoroughly recommend this book to anyone trying to change the mindset of children (or adults!) to increase pupil motivation and deepen pupil understanding of learning.

I am a parent of a 5 year old boy. He’s my eldest child and I am not a teacher. I am a parent who tries desperately to do the best job in the world with no formal teaching in this complex subject! I am not skilled at motivating children….and to make matters worse, I am a perfectionist with the same high standards of others that I have of myself. It’s not a great combination for helping my little monkeys to learn and keep their esteem high!! BUT….wow…..I am so glad I found ‘yet’; your web site and reference to the associated research. I have just had the best penny dropping moment ever. Thank you.
From a parent perspective…a big thank you. Your work makes brilliant reading.

S. Smith

An excellent book that conveys the growth mindset concept in a way that inspires and excites children …and adults! This book has been thoroughly enjoyed by the children in the school where I work. We use it regularly as a tool to promote discussions with classes about the importance and value of having a growth mindset.

Amazon Customer

Beautiful book! Even includes a little cut out Fortitude. Great if you are doing work on growth mindsets and/or resilience in learning.

Cheryl Williams
A classroom teacher ‘must have’! A brilliant book !!! I’ve shared this with my class who loved it and have spent most of the day singing ‘I can’t do this…. Yet’ a very powerful way of introducing learning powers and growth mindset. A ‘must have’ on any classroom teacher’s desk.

What an entertaining book that breaks from the norm. A wonderful book that realises children need fun and enjoyment in their reading. The author clearly has a fantastic imagination and cleverly builds a delightful allegory.

I enjoyed the illustrations just as much as the story, which are sure to keep children engaged and amused.