Louise Husband
Having read Katie’s “I can’t do this” picture book and worked on growth mindset with my class for a year, I was really looking forward to reading this book. It was definitely worth the wait. The book is packed full of ideas for implementing a growth mindset culture in your classroom and allowing children to access Dweck’s ideas of fixed and growth mindsets.

The book is written in a really accessible way and it is clear that Katie is a working teacher. I read the book in just a couple of days as I couldn’t put it down and have a list of ideas to try out next year!

A great resource for schools and all the more powerful as it’s by a teacher – it is possible! Highly recommended.

Great, practical and engaging ideas for developing Growth Mindset in the classroom! A firm favourite in our school!

After developing my understanding of Dweck and her mindset theories, I wanted to implement these in school however I searched and searched for ideas of how to approach these concepts with primary children. Then I found ‘the mindset melting pot’ it was EXACTLY what I had been looking for. I recommend it to everyone who wants to develop a growth mindset culture. I wouldn’t be without it. Worth every penny!

Brilliant! Can get started with this straight away after the holidays! I have some children in my class that are afraid to make mistakes and leave their comfort zone and are therefore unwilling to try challenges. Hoping there will be many growth mindsets starting to blossom. The book is well written, illustrated beautifully and very easy to follow. Thank you- thoroughly good read!

John Wayland
I was given this book as a present before beginning my NQT Year. I try to use it as often as I can. I especially enjoy the practical activities suggested in the book. It is easy to use and adapt to the needs of any class.

Amazon Customer
A great book for anyone working with children who want ideas along on how to develop growth mindset with their classes. It makes manageable reading of all the research with a practical approach. Lots of lovely diagrams too that demonstrate concepts around growth mindset. Would thoroughly recommend!

Amazon Customer
Knowing where to start on your ‘Visible Learning Journey’ is tough as there is so many aspects which can be covered. The Mindset Melting Pot is a great tool to help you get started. Full of practical ideas and resources it has really helped me to implement Visible Learning in my classroom.

Rebecca Godsafe
I purchased this book after attending a Growth Mindset conference where I listened to a talk by Katie.
She showed us how her ideas were put in to practice and gave us real life examples. The book explains the concept of growth mindset clearly so that teachers can teach it to their pupils. Then Katie shares lots of different ways to use the concept of Growth Mindset in the classroom. Having focused on Growth Mindset in my own classroom for two years, this book gave me some new ideas to try out and really delve further into the concept – especially as she talks about the feelings that come with trying hard and putting in effort. I was also able to deliver a staff meeting based on the conference and this book – lots of teachers are now going to try some of the strategies mentioned in the book – especially the learning buttons (we all have a set!) Thanks Katie – I’ll look out for any more publications in the future!

Mrs S
I would highly recommend this book to any Head teacher or Teacher who wants to unlock children’s true potential and develop their thirst for learning. After reading this book in a day I then bought two more- one for my Deputy and one for my KS 2 lead. I was so inspired by the book that we have decided to develop the Growth Mindset philosophy into the culture of my school as a priority for school development this year. Katie’s book doesn’t only clearly explain what Growth Mindset is , it gives practical tried and tested ideas of how to introduce it into your classroom or school. If you are interested in finding out more about Growth Mindset and want to develop children’s thirst for learning this is definitely the book for you! I would also recommend buying the children’s book ‘ I can’t do this yet ‘